Web Push Notifications with PushWhiz

Deliver instant personalised push notifications through your website

With a Powerful Platform built for Marketers by Marketers



Step 1: OPT-IN       Step 2: SEND MESSAGE

Utilize our Advanced & Simple To Use Platform to Create Push Notifications with your own Personal Branding to Stand Out from The Crowd, and Use Our Google Analytics API to Forge Hyper-targeted Segments... then Sky-Rocket Sales and Engagement with our World Class Use-Case Trainings by the Authorities of The Web Push Notification Industry

Powerful Functionality

Go further with our advanced functionality

Quick & Easy set-up

Our integration process is incredibly quick and easy – achievable in just three simple steps

Real-time Tracking

Measure the true impact of your Web Push campaigns in real-time

Google Analytics API Integration

Leverage your existing GA customer insights for hyper-contextual targeting

Multi-Language Support

Localise your content and converse with your multilingual customers on their terms

Event & Behavioral-Triggered Notifications

Engage with users immediately after they have completed a desired action on your website

Advanced Scheduling

Enable automated delivery of personalised notifications at the optimal moment for your customers

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PushWhiz Benefits

Instantly engage your visitors to help increase sales conversions

Maximise the outreach of your website

Instantly communicate with your web traffic both on and off your website. Once users have opted in, you can send engaging web push notifications even when the user is browsing on another site.

Drive Online Conversion Rates

98% of your website visitors will not convert on the first visit. Re-engage your Mobile & Desktop web customers with timely notifications delivered directly to their browser at the optimal time

Boost Shopping Cart Recovery

Instantly re-engage website users who have abandoned their shopping cart with personalised messaging and offers to drive them back to your site

Increase Customer Retention

Deliver targeted Web Push campaigns at each stage of the user journey and build better long-lasting customer relationships. Allow your entire audience to discover your most important recent content with your own customisable onsite notification centre.

Send instant web notifications to your website visitors